How Flags Work

Why do these 3 inch x 2.5 inch flags work?

Unlike standard signs that remain stationary, these yellow flags flap in the wind. They call attention directly to the issue and are legible to people that approach the flagged area. By placing a flag at a 45 degree angle near the dog poop, it will discourage people from leaving dog poop in your yard. When your neighbor walks the dog through the area again, that person will be discouraged from leaving additional doo doo and might pickup the old dog doo doo. Click here to shop or click the home page.

How will the person leaving the dog poop be detoured?

Dog owners use the same route to walk their dogs. Dogs are more comfortable doing their duty in a familiar place. Some dog owners with little time prefer to get their dog walk done as quickly as possible.

Are there any case studies on the flag’s effectiveness?

I live in a tract that consists of 233 condos. After placing the flags near the dog doo doo throughout the neighborhood, only one dog(horse) owner ignored the flags. The enormous reduction in dog poop took about a week. I placed flags for neighbors to use next to the dog waste station. The neighborhood appreciated the change. The neighborhood kids would get the flags and look for poop to flag.

Why does the flag need to be at a 45 degree angle?

The flag, much like a lot of flags, will not remain open unless there is a breeze. Placing the flag in the ground at a 45 degree angle will allow the flag to remain open and legible.

Who picks up the flags?

You pick up the flags and reuse them or dispose of them when necessary. Doo Doo Flags are meant to be reused multiple times if desired. In my case study, landscapers pull the flags and put them to the side of the grassy area or place them next to the pet waste station. Neighbors had also collected them and reused them.

I don’t like to pick up my dog poop!

There are many reasons why people don’t like to pick it up. They don’t like the sensation of fresh poop. They want to let the poop solidify for a day. It’s too dark out. It’s cold outside. It’s raining. Solution: Our “Be Right Back” line of flags that read: Fido Will Fetch and Loop Then Poop. Place a flag near the curb or sidewalk so you can find the poop the next day and no one will step in it.

Can I buy these flags at a local retailer?

No. The flags are available here on our website and on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

Are there instructional videos?